Création de bijoux insolites

mardi 18 février 2014

Work in progress

So I've been working on many different things, which is a bad habit of mine - I tend to not get anything accomplished that way...
I did manage to finish, photograph and list this one though:

 That one was easy peasy once I had all the components.  Old pic under a thick layer of resin, and laid on recycled tin, handmade labradorite chip chains, oxidized brass chain, rusty black connector, old Venetian lace, handmade dangle with repurposed rhinestones... oh, pyrite chunky beads and filigree for the choker part, and a big faceted crystal underneath the lil girl.

In a totally different style, I also listed this colourful mess:

Summer bangle

Also, those earrings that turned out quite nice:

 I'd like to thank Marina from fancifuldevices for the oxidizing tutorial and Petra from ScorchedEarthonEtsy  for the wonderful dangles.

Works in progress now....  I've been having a lot of fun with resin, pearl ex and other powders (we're out of paprika). Here's a quick peak:


Notice the different backgrounds.  Which is better, black or white?

The Charlotte parts all come from my pal Harry's Etsy shop (Oscarcrow)

That's all for today. Toodles!

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6 commentaires:

  1. SO MUCH EYECANDY! you should make your pictures bigger! i especially adore those rings!!! They are so so so gorgeous!! and you mentioned me- *blush*

  2. Yummy new work. The necklace is captivating. The colors in your pieces seem to pop against the white background. Both backgrounds look good, though. You have a talent for infusing color into your pieces in a fascinating way. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you ladies!!! I'm gonna work on the size of the pics - need to figure that one out, can you tell this is my first blog ha ha.
    M - you totally deserve mentioning!
    J - my time to blush! thanks!

  4. Fantastic pieces! Love the rings. I like both backgrounds I just think it depends on the piece. ( I know not much help!)

  5. well you know it does, because I think the same - that it depends on the piece :) I actually put both pics in my listings :)

  6. Fabulous work! LOVE those earrings with my dangles, and BIG thanks for the mention. Brilliant neckpiece too - ditto Marina up there - make it BIG!!!!!!
    xo :O)