Création de bijoux insolites

jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Sale/destash coming soon... stay tuned.

I've been super busy this year teaching middle school kids, it was my first year.. and I loved it!   But... I had way too much work to be able to work on my jewelry and update this blog.

I'm now on holiday for a couple of months, though, so that's going to change... starting now!

I'm in the process of taking stock of all my stampings, beads, etc, and taking pics of things I no longer use or have several pieces of... yes that happens... a lot... So I'll be updating this blog regularly starting tomorrow.

I also have new jewelry to show you all, here is a sample:

All those are already listed in my French e-shop, click here

If you're interested, contact me on this blog or through Facebook.

Hugs to you all. xxxxx
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