Création de bijoux insolites

mardi 17 novembre 2015

Soon to be listed!

In an effort to go on living after the horrific attacks perpetrated by Daesch in Paris a few days ago, I've been creating a lot. Living to create, even. I feel like it's vital now, even more than before.
More on that later, when my thoughts aren't so much in a shambles..

Here are a few pics of pieces that I'll be listing very soon. I have way more to photograph, but I'll get to it before the end of the week.

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2 commentaires:

  1. E- everything looks amazing! What are those flowers? Embossed metal sheet? So cool!

  2. Thanks :) no they're vintage stampings... I soaked them in novacan for a whole night, one came out reddish, the other green... Weird eh?