Création de bijoux insolites

dimanche 30 mars 2014

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!! (well it's morning in France..)
I haven't blogged in a long time, because I was told a couple weeks ago that I'd been accepted to a juried show that's quite hard to get into.  So I was both elated and panicked!  I had to make make make... in a short short time (the show is on April 6th) but of course was snowed under with translation work so...  it was manic. More than usual, I mean.

This one is a prototype - I wanted to see if all those chunky, big beads with different materials and textures worked together, so I quickly strung them together. I think it does (work). What do you think?  I just need to do the whole thing properly :)

 Carved jade, handmade ceramics, old African beads, crocheted beads, quartz, topaz, fluorite..
 This one is that pendant I showed you a while ago.  I ended up keeping it simple and hanging it on a choker style wire necklace.

Those... ah, those were fun.  And there will be more.  I was looking for something easy to make, fun, and not costly, that I could sell at the show. I always try to have a "budget line" and sometimes a kiddies line too.  Well this works for both.
What are those?

Here we have another simple necklace, with a HUGE African recycled glass bead (I kid you not, it is over 2 inches high). Below, more recycled beads, a trade bead and a Buddhist amulet. 

More big rings!  This one uses a vintage *thing* instead of the shells I used before.

This was fun - big ring with a single hoop in the middle of that round plate-like thing.  I just wired some kyanite, a ceramic bead and another stone that I think is apatite. I'll have to check on my little notebook.

Another shell ring, this time featuring one of Georgie's lampwork headpins
We had a bit of an overflowing situation there. Still working on it!

The above is another simple necklace (seems I went with simple for once - or maybe I was just too pressed for time..), featuring a fish bait *thing*, driftwood and some hammered metal from fagin's daughter
Those I'm quite proud of, because I made the headpins myself out of cold porcelain! Those earrings will be listed in my new budget section - here, the idea being to mix an expensive or somewhat expensive artisan/artist component (here those amazing round beads with circles from RaggedRobyn) with something less costly (my headpins!).
The yellow rondelles are lampwork glass from Indonesia.

I managed to find this amazing driftwood display... it's just perfect right?  I just need to work on the background now.

Again, budget earrings. Turkoman findings, well patinated, with Petra's bobbles

These feature carved bone and two lampwork beads from Judith's shop - I paired them with Tibetan amber rondelles and African beads, with a small pyrite rondelle to finish them off.

Those need some polishing, but again, I made the headpins, and used carved garnet beads, a big chunk of pyrite and some kuchi buttons.

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2 commentaires:

  1. i love the way you used my headpin!!
    and i love the idea of the bubble blowers. very unique :)

  2. Awwww thank you!!!!! love your headpins, really, so delicate and beautiful. I have other smaller rings in the making :)
    The bubble blowers should be fun, yes, and they do work, I tried lol