Création de bijoux insolites

samedi 15 mars 2014

Insane in the membrane, and eye/ear candy (of different kinds)

Hi! I've been working away like a crazy woman. Recently I asked miss fanciful to give me a list of her favourite synonyms for crazy. Why? Because I love that word and use it all the time (in French and in English of course). So go for it, give me yours. Her faves included "insane in the membrane", which I quickly adopted. Anyhow! Like I was saying, I've been working a lot, and this afternoon to the sound of

(give me a mop for the drool on the floor).  Isn't that the most beautiful guy on the entire planet?  It is.  I just know it.

That said, it helped me finish lots of things.

Like this little darling, in the Victorian style I come back to from time to time.  I'm in love with those porcelain dollies.
It's a brooch, by the way.

This was a failed experiment which turned out... wonky and cool.  I was trying to make earrings à la Marina, well à la one pair I bought from her, and it turned out the piece of tin I'd cut out was WAY too big. So I thouht, hey, bracelet!  Hello!  And added some of Petra's little beauties, a pyrite drop and some sari ribbon.

Meanwhile, those little angels happened out of nowhere. I oxydized them first, then applied a coat of Iris blue Gilder's paste.  Because it seemed to go so perfectly with the aquamarine beads. 

The above bracelet was made last week when it was still foggy and rainy.  I wanted colour!  So colours I used.   There's handmade ceramic aplenty there, from my friend Kristine @kangooroobijoo, from HappyFallout... there's also a very big and very old Hebron bead, and a huge chunk of coral. So there! (In case you're wondering, it worked, the sun is shining now, and spring is definitely here). The bracelet is listed on Etsy:  clicky clicky

Again, those happened out of the blue (ah ah), I came across those silky cocoons on Etsy (ask me if you want the name of the shop, I'll find out, I can't remember right now).  Again, Petra drops. Oxydized chain, and voilà. Yes, I'll straighten the hooks. 

Thank you thank you thank you Cynthia (beatnheart) for those gorgeous headpins!!!!!  I just piled on the goodies from there.  Tibetan yak bone rondelle, hebron beads, Grubbi rondelles and ceramic rounds. You'll find those here
And last, my fave from this batch - maybe because I soldered the fleur-de-lys stampings to the ear posts myself!  Below are two old horseshow nails, indonesian beads and a little bit of glitz with a rhinestone chain. That's it for today!

Comments welcome as usual. xx
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3 commentaires:

  1. so much loveliness! i love how you used the gorgeous hebron beads especially. and your 'mistake' with your attempt at earrings like mine- mistakes always lead to the best results!

  2. awwww, thanks!!!!! thanks for the tip for the YT vid as well. :)

  3. Beeeeaaayyyooootifullll new works, Cherie!!!! Ohhh gibber, drooollll - those blue cocoonies are soo scrummy!!! LOVIN' that bracelet too - and ditto Marina on that point - Nothing so pleasing as a happy accident!!
    -And I won the giveaway??!!! WHOOOPPEEE!! How thrilled am I??!!! Wow, thank you sooo much - can't wait!!!
    XOXOXO :O)