Création de bijoux insolites

lundi 14 avril 2014

Spring and summer colours

I'm back after a long-ish hiatus due to a combination of factors (fancy way of saying, lots of work, couple of shows).
The shows were fine, the first one was disappointing, but the second one was cool. I made lots of friends (I tend to grow more social as I grow older ah ah), gave lots of cards, got invited to a couple more shows during summer that sound promising and even sold a few things.  He he.

I have pics somewhere, I'll try and find them.
In the meantime....

here are few newbies...

Bangle stacks!

 Pwwwwetty in pink
Forever blue

(yeah those are working titles, please comment and give me suggestions I have no brain capacity left right now).

 Basha beads earrings!!!  The beads are more blue than they look on the pic.  They're from the Labradorite series so.. yeah, blue.

 Those wonky saucers in the middle come from RaggedRobyn's shop on Etsy.   The green gems are kyanite, and the strange pink beads are UTEE headpins I made following another one of Marina's tutorials

This one I already showed you a preview of... 

here it is in its final version (I think).  Shall I call it Rainbow? :D

 This one I'm quite proud of... Simple but effective. I think. :)  Patinated torque, aquamarine beads. Nothing else.

And finally.....  April giveaway is here!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This time you can choose whether you'd like the necklace below or a $35 gift certificate to my shop.

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2 commentaires:

  1. Wow! look at all these fancy things! (now just go to fotofuze to make them look as lovely in the pix as they obviously are, heehee)
    omg look at those big beautiful headpins!!!! im so proud you made them w/my tute!!!! show me more! send me pix!!!

  2. Fantastic pieces as always. Really love your rustic/organic earrings and bracelets.