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jeudi 1 mai 2014

April giveaway winner, and earrings galore


First things first, the winner of the April giveaway is my friend Harry Wood, of oscarcrow.  My favourite shop for all things Charlotte and vintage....  Go take a look if you haven't already.

On to the earrings:
 the two pairs above and below feature polymer beauties by fanciful. Above, ceramic beads and enameled headpins by Kristine @ kangooroobijoo, mala beads and a chunk of prehnite.
Below, reclaimed tin cut and filed by yours truly, blue African glass rondelles, Tibetan amber.. rondelles... rhinestone... rondelles, and lampwork headpins by 4ophelia whose shop has disappeared???

different views:

 Yeah yeah, I know, light, fotofuze... lol. But the weather has been very nastly over here lately, so I'm doing my best. So there.

Baby shells with semi-precious nuggets and vintage lucite!  How cool!  right?

 More semi-precious nuggets!  Apatite I think.  I'll have to check.  I get confused sometimes (old age).

Gypsy fun with sari ribbon, Scorched Earth dangles and Indonesian beads.

 This one sold in like... half an hour.  I have to admit I was quite proud of it.  There's another one in the making.

 Those uber simple earrings feature African krobos beads, rhinestone rondelles and cool driftwood shards from Petra
 More fanciful rondelles!  Reserved as well.

And because I'm a proud mama, I'd like to show you my daughter's production.  She's a budding polymer clay artist, and quite talented I think!  She's been making all sort of art stuff lately, along with foodies, but she refuses to make me cool beads, because "we don't have the same style". Pfff. Brat.

Finally, a couple pics from my last show:

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6 commentaires:

  1. oohh i like how you used my pins! LOVE LOVE!
    my shop's coming back. Working on new things. In the middle of a move...i'll have new things up soon :D
    keep up the great work

    1. Thanks Jiorji <3
      let me know when you're back on Etsy, I need more headpins!

  2. Great work, chick! I'm beyond thrilled that those sold so fast too, whoop!! I'm not surprised - the colours are wonderful. Love the look of your show stands, and I hope it went really well for you.
    More, more!!!
    xo :O)

    1. thanks so much Petra, you're a sweetheart. Yup, I've got more in stock, new post soon!!!!

  3. I decided to take a tour of your blog and it is stunning, I love how you assemble your jewelry, they are unpredictable and original.

    1. Thank you so much, those are very big compliments indeed. I'm very touched!!