Création de bijoux insolites

lundi 15 décembre 2014

Huge sale!

Hi all,
so sorry for not writing for.. months.  Been busy with my new job as an English teacher, the kids, the house, and various problems.. Life!
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know quickly that I'm having a big sale in my etsy shop

Use coupon ASH50 to get 50% off everything!!!!!

I'll be on holiday as of Friday for a couple weeks, and hope to be able to start posting regularly again.  I have several pieces in the works... hope you'll like them.
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mardi 5 août 2014


It's been a while since my last monthly (ahem) giveaway...  so to make up for it, I decided to organize a really nice one this month.

Want to win this?  Just comment on this post or on Facebook.

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vendredi 1 août 2014

Back with a vengeance

So after a few hundred years spent dealing with various uninteresting things I won't list here so as not to bore you to death, I'm back. Yay. :)
Without further ado, here's some eye candy.

Another pair of earrings featuring basha beads, plus lovely lampwork headpins and white ceramic beads. All handmade! 

In a different style... old bits from old broken jewelry, rhinestone balls, bone beads, baroque drops. Sterling silver hooks with rhinestones.

The below were made following fancy Marina's technique for resin drops/charms. I used replicas of Fra Angelico's paintings and added polymer nuggets that I made. Yup. Good thing that I was going for the rugged look there, because for the life of me, I swear I can't make a smooth, regular bead with clay.  I'm hopeless.

 My dad said he liked those.  That's saying something, trust me.  I'm tickled pink!

 This one was made using a focal from B'Sue boutiques.  Lots of patinas and sanding and stuff...  On the neckline, green beads of all kinds, lucite, turquoise, anoter semiprecious stone I can't remember the name of, resin.

The necklace below is a bit of a weird one.  I made it for my friend Lisa - the focal is an old tin filled with sodalite and resin, with an amethyst drop, lucite, sari ribbons. On the neckline, old chains, ethnic/tribal beads, vintage lucite. Oh, and a bit that came off of a rosary chain.

Next, our new game:  what the f** are those?

Two guesses.

The focals are from Petra's shop, of course (here)

Another weird one - hand formed metal, decoupaged, with an old coin and rhinestones coming from an old brooch.

A big ring.. huge... enormous...
 All sorts of shiny goodies thrown in there.

Now for some more earrings...  repurposed resin beads coming from a broken necklace, and drops from Numinosity beads

Their twins, this time using a pair of beads from Harry's shop.  Don't you just love those raku beauties??

Another of Harry's creation below... the crow...  I put inside an old pillbox. Pill box? Pillbox?  Hmmm.
The chain is a mix of labradorite smooth chips, abalone and Czech glass. I don't know why it looks so orangey - it's rusty black, actually. Must be the flash from the camera.

For the necklace below, I have yet again to thank Marina - the amazing angelite druzy was among the ton of beads I bought from her to make my wedding necklace.
I put it on a simple, sturdy brass chain, so as not to destract from the focal.

More dangles from Petra's shop.. with a pair of gorgeous mala beads, with gold leafing.  Copper connector, copper chain, copper everything on those.

Statement earrings featuring a big focal (sodalite and semi-precious chips in golden resin), drops from Petra, baroque pearly drops.

Another pair of statement earrings, in a similar style. The rectangle brass containers are from Bsueboutiques. Inside, glass beads and resin roses.  The dangles feature beads from Nat's teasure trove (Grubbi), among others.

And lastly, vintage looking earrings..  the lucite drops are actually vintage, but that's it. :)

Stay tuned for the giveaway, coming very soon.  xxxx
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mercredi 16 juillet 2014


So I've got like a zillion porcelain flowers lying around... not using them any more... so I thought I'd destash.  If you're interested, I've listed them as neat little lots, and they're quite cheap.  All handmade.  No mold was used in the creation of these little beauties. No animal was hurt....  wait.  I got distracted. 

Only a small sample of what's listed in my Etsy shop
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jeudi 26 juin 2014


What?  Two blog posts in as many days?

Just to let you know that I'm having a little summer sale... big discount actually.
Use coupon ASH35 to get 35% off anything in my shop.

go have fun!!!

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mercredi 25 juin 2014

Time flies!

Time flies!  I've noticed that more often than not, some bloggers start their post by "omg, it's been... days since my last post".  I'm starting to follow the trend.  Are we all feeling guilty?  I am!  Not going to make any promises for the future though, I know that's scary and dangerous.  Ha ha!!

So I haven't made a lot of things lately, because I've been otherwise busy taking an exam to become a teacher and.. passing it with flying colours.  I'm so proud of myself, I could yell.  Wait, that's exactly what I did when I got the results.  I got 11.5 for the written part, 10.1 for the oral interview thingy.  Not too shabby. Especially considering that I had barely done any prep work... 'cause of course, when I was told that I was "admissible", meaning I'd gotten a good enough grade on the written part that they wanted to see if I was for real and interview me (lol), I was already snowed under with translation work, and only had a fortnight to prepare.  So yeah, enough showing off, I'm just happy I passed.  I think I was quite lucky.  So I may or may not become a teacher come September.. depending on WHERE they want me to teach.  The French system is quite weird. More on that later.  

I made those for a show that turned out to be a disaster, sales-wise.

Those I made yesterday, just because.

This one too.  I love bangle stacks.  No kidding!

This one is very summery.  Vibrant colours.  Lightweight.  Go buy it.

I also finished this bracelet that I'd been working on for ages...  it was just missing the clasp.

Awwww look at that chubby hand!!!  (the bracelet is too small for me, too big for my lil girl, but you can't tell on the pic :))

And last but not least, I've been working on my wedding necklace.  So work in progress.

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jeudi 22 mai 2014

Twelve days since my last post.  Ahem.  To make up for it, here is some eye candy, without foreplay or anything :)

 This is the necklace I made for the blog hop, in a different light (and much better pic).

this one is a double wrap bracelet in green (no kidding) - lots of cool beads there, including a huge Ethiopian prayer vessel, a Hebron bead, and beads/connectors from Grubbi ceramicsScrochedEarth and a French ceramist named Kristine.

A bit of an experiment here...  lucite, carved bone, ceramic headpin and rainbow titanium nugget, with some patina and paint.  And badly in need-of-a-new-manicure nails.

Look at those meteorites!  Created by the talented Marina of fancifuldevices

Funky bracelet featuring and old bright and colourful fabric thingy with metal that I badly mistreated (can anyone guess what it was, originally?), a connector from Petra's shop, a lucite rose and a gorgeous bead from Bashabeads

Here we have an old coin which comes who knows where, some rhinestones, blue coral donuts, gorgeous nuggety beads from Ragged Robyn.  Yep, I'll provide the ear nuts if someone buys them.  I'd just forgotten them upstairs and couldn't be bothered to run back up so I took the pics without them. Sue me. :)

those I need better pics of...  (above).  The dark/rusty bits almost look orange, and that's weird.
So above and below, similar earrings, with labradorite beads from 4 ophelia (yay! She's back!)
Bobbles from Petra.

A view of the bracelet on my freckled wrist.

Again, need better pics... but I wanted to show you those beauties - Marina's once more!  The blueish circles, I mean.
Doll legs from oscarcrow
Speaking of Harry.. I asked him if he'd create my wedding ring, and here it is:

It's still in transit somewhere over the Atlantic, I can't wait to get it.

In a totally different style, a stack ring that I decided to make out of the blue:

Oh, and look at what I got myself for Mothers day (it's this Sunday in France):

Tee hee!  Hello Jax!  I've always had a soft spot for blonde guys.  What can I say.  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.  Almost forgot.  This month's giveaway is gonna be simpler - no rafflecopter or anything, just comment here and I'll pick someone randomly.  What do you get?  Surprise!

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