Création de bijoux insolites

mardi 17 novembre 2015

Soon to be listed!

In an effort to go on living after the horrific attacks perpetrated by Daesch in Paris a few days ago, I've been creating a lot. Living to create, even. I feel like it's vital now, even more than before.
More on that later, when my thoughts aren't so much in a shambles..

Here are a few pics of pieces that I'll be listing very soon. I have way more to photograph, but I'll get to it before the end of the week.

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vendredi 18 septembre 2015

Back from the dead. Oh, and giveaway!

In French we say "manger son pain blanc" when things are easy, life is good, but we know that bad stuff is coming.  On the contrary, "manger son pain noir" means going through the tough stuff, but knowing it's temporary and while it may hurt like hell, it will get better. 
That's basically what I did all summer long. But lo and behold.. I came out of that dark place and I'm feeling so much better. 
So now.. hummm... basically trying to catch up. This poor blog has been abandoned for a long time, poor, poor little thing.

But hey, new stuff! 

Earrings galore, as you can see. 

Petra dangles... Boho chic

 Basha beads... <33333

 I'm having so much fun with those little plastic sea thingies.  I have a bunch more on my worktable.
These ones you can find here

Look at that haul!!!

A pair that's a bit different, created from new stock/vintage look items I got from teapotsandtelephones, on etsy. 

Dangle mania

So regarding that giveaway...  Since I've been away for so long and everbody's rightfully forgotten I even exist, I've decided to give away TWO pairs of earrings.  Yup.  All you have to do is comment either here, on this blog, or on Facebook, share the link to the blog and choose a number.  I'll draw two lucky winners next week, on Friday (Sept 25).  Go and spread the love!

Here are the two sets I'm giving away:

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jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Sale/destash coming soon... stay tuned.

I've been super busy this year teaching middle school kids, it was my first year.. and I loved it!   But... I had way too much work to be able to work on my jewelry and update this blog.

I'm now on holiday for a couple of months, though, so that's going to change... starting now!

I'm in the process of taking stock of all my stampings, beads, etc, and taking pics of things I no longer use or have several pieces of... yes that happens... a lot... So I'll be updating this blog regularly starting tomorrow.

I also have new jewelry to show you all, here is a sample:

All those are already listed in my French e-shop, click here

If you're interested, contact me on this blog or through Facebook.

Hugs to you all. xxxxx
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