Création de bijoux insolites

jeudi 22 mai 2014

Twelve days since my last post.  Ahem.  To make up for it, here is some eye candy, without foreplay or anything :)

 This is the necklace I made for the blog hop, in a different light (and much better pic).

this one is a double wrap bracelet in green (no kidding) - lots of cool beads there, including a huge Ethiopian prayer vessel, a Hebron bead, and beads/connectors from Grubbi ceramicsScrochedEarth and a French ceramist named Kristine.

A bit of an experiment here...  lucite, carved bone, ceramic headpin and rainbow titanium nugget, with some patina and paint.  And badly in need-of-a-new-manicure nails.

Look at those meteorites!  Created by the talented Marina of fancifuldevices

Funky bracelet featuring and old bright and colourful fabric thingy with metal that I badly mistreated (can anyone guess what it was, originally?), a connector from Petra's shop, a lucite rose and a gorgeous bead from Bashabeads

Here we have an old coin which comes who knows where, some rhinestones, blue coral donuts, gorgeous nuggety beads from Ragged Robyn.  Yep, I'll provide the ear nuts if someone buys them.  I'd just forgotten them upstairs and couldn't be bothered to run back up so I took the pics without them. Sue me. :)

those I need better pics of...  (above).  The dark/rusty bits almost look orange, and that's weird.
So above and below, similar earrings, with labradorite beads from 4 ophelia (yay! She's back!)
Bobbles from Petra.

A view of the bracelet on my freckled wrist.

Again, need better pics... but I wanted to show you those beauties - Marina's once more!  The blueish circles, I mean.
Doll legs from oscarcrow
Speaking of Harry.. I asked him if he'd create my wedding ring, and here it is:

It's still in transit somewhere over the Atlantic, I can't wait to get it.

In a totally different style, a stack ring that I decided to make out of the blue:

Oh, and look at what I got myself for Mothers day (it's this Sunday in France):

Tee hee!  Hello Jax!  I've always had a soft spot for blonde guys.  What can I say.  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.  Almost forgot.  This month's giveaway is gonna be simpler - no rafflecopter or anything, just comment here and I'll pick someone randomly.  What do you get?  Surprise!

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samedi 10 mai 2014

Blog hop reveal day!

My first ever blog hop!

My partner is Solange from Ahowin

Here is what I got from her, back in March:

Clockwise from left to right:  abalone shells, green aventurine, MOP beads, various shell beads, handmade polymer clay headpins, a huge slab of agate and another pair of handmade headpins.  Lucky me :)

I spent a looooong time trying to decide how to best use the focal. It wasn't drilled, and I didn't want to take my chances with it, so it was either glue it on something or glue a bail to it.
But... I chose a third option.  Using crystal clay, I made a cool (hopefully) assemblage using an old and rusty metal lid as backing.  I inserted the agate, a few bits of abalone, used some gold leafing and patina/paint, sealed the whole thing.. Voilà!

The trade beads are from my stash, I added some gold patina. 

Itty bitty earrings, with MOP and shells.

 I added some moss agate, and a couple components from my stash, plus some gold leafing to match the necklace.  So that was my first blog hop.  I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now I'll go visit as many blogs as I can.  

If you'd like to view the list of persons taking part, here is link to Lori's blog

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jeudi 1 mai 2014

April giveaway winner, and earrings galore


First things first, the winner of the April giveaway is my friend Harry Wood, of oscarcrow.  My favourite shop for all things Charlotte and vintage....  Go take a look if you haven't already.

On to the earrings:
 the two pairs above and below feature polymer beauties by fanciful. Above, ceramic beads and enameled headpins by Kristine @ kangooroobijoo, mala beads and a chunk of prehnite.
Below, reclaimed tin cut and filed by yours truly, blue African glass rondelles, Tibetan amber.. rondelles... rhinestone... rondelles, and lampwork headpins by 4ophelia whose shop has disappeared???

different views:

 Yeah yeah, I know, light, fotofuze... lol. But the weather has been very nastly over here lately, so I'm doing my best. So there.

Baby shells with semi-precious nuggets and vintage lucite!  How cool!  right?

 More semi-precious nuggets!  Apatite I think.  I'll have to check.  I get confused sometimes (old age).

Gypsy fun with sari ribbon, Scorched Earth dangles and Indonesian beads.

 This one sold in like... half an hour.  I have to admit I was quite proud of it.  There's another one in the making.

 Those uber simple earrings feature African krobos beads, rhinestone rondelles and cool driftwood shards from Petra
 More fanciful rondelles!  Reserved as well.

And because I'm a proud mama, I'd like to show you my daughter's production.  She's a budding polymer clay artist, and quite talented I think!  She's been making all sort of art stuff lately, along with foodies, but she refuses to make me cool beads, because "we don't have the same style". Pfff. Brat.

Finally, a couple pics from my last show:

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