Création de bijoux insolites

jeudi 26 juin 2014


What?  Two blog posts in as many days?

Just to let you know that I'm having a little summer sale... big discount actually.
Use coupon ASH35 to get 35% off anything in my shop.

go have fun!!!

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mercredi 25 juin 2014

Time flies!

Time flies!  I've noticed that more often than not, some bloggers start their post by "omg, it's been... days since my last post".  I'm starting to follow the trend.  Are we all feeling guilty?  I am!  Not going to make any promises for the future though, I know that's scary and dangerous.  Ha ha!!

So I haven't made a lot of things lately, because I've been otherwise busy taking an exam to become a teacher and.. passing it with flying colours.  I'm so proud of myself, I could yell.  Wait, that's exactly what I did when I got the results.  I got 11.5 for the written part, 10.1 for the oral interview thingy.  Not too shabby. Especially considering that I had barely done any prep work... 'cause of course, when I was told that I was "admissible", meaning I'd gotten a good enough grade on the written part that they wanted to see if I was for real and interview me (lol), I was already snowed under with translation work, and only had a fortnight to prepare.  So yeah, enough showing off, I'm just happy I passed.  I think I was quite lucky.  So I may or may not become a teacher come September.. depending on WHERE they want me to teach.  The French system is quite weird. More on that later.  

I made those for a show that turned out to be a disaster, sales-wise.

Those I made yesterday, just because.

This one too.  I love bangle stacks.  No kidding!

This one is very summery.  Vibrant colours.  Lightweight.  Go buy it.

I also finished this bracelet that I'd been working on for ages...  it was just missing the clasp.

Awwww look at that chubby hand!!!  (the bracelet is too small for me, too big for my lil girl, but you can't tell on the pic :))

And last but not least, I've been working on my wedding necklace.  So work in progress.

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