Création de bijoux insolites

dimanche 30 mars 2014

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!! (well it's morning in France..)
I haven't blogged in a long time, because I was told a couple weeks ago that I'd been accepted to a juried show that's quite hard to get into.  So I was both elated and panicked!  I had to make make make... in a short short time (the show is on April 6th) but of course was snowed under with translation work so...  it was manic. More than usual, I mean.

This one is a prototype - I wanted to see if all those chunky, big beads with different materials and textures worked together, so I quickly strung them together. I think it does (work). What do you think?  I just need to do the whole thing properly :)

 Carved jade, handmade ceramics, old African beads, crocheted beads, quartz, topaz, fluorite..
 This one is that pendant I showed you a while ago.  I ended up keeping it simple and hanging it on a choker style wire necklace.

Those... ah, those were fun.  And there will be more.  I was looking for something easy to make, fun, and not costly, that I could sell at the show. I always try to have a "budget line" and sometimes a kiddies line too.  Well this works for both.
What are those?

Here we have another simple necklace, with a HUGE African recycled glass bead (I kid you not, it is over 2 inches high). Below, more recycled beads, a trade bead and a Buddhist amulet. 

More big rings!  This one uses a vintage *thing* instead of the shells I used before.

This was fun - big ring with a single hoop in the middle of that round plate-like thing.  I just wired some kyanite, a ceramic bead and another stone that I think is apatite. I'll have to check on my little notebook.

Another shell ring, this time featuring one of Georgie's lampwork headpins
We had a bit of an overflowing situation there. Still working on it!

The above is another simple necklace (seems I went with simple for once - or maybe I was just too pressed for time..), featuring a fish bait *thing*, driftwood and some hammered metal from fagin's daughter
Those I'm quite proud of, because I made the headpins myself out of cold porcelain! Those earrings will be listed in my new budget section - here, the idea being to mix an expensive or somewhat expensive artisan/artist component (here those amazing round beads with circles from RaggedRobyn) with something less costly (my headpins!).
The yellow rondelles are lampwork glass from Indonesia.

I managed to find this amazing driftwood display... it's just perfect right?  I just need to work on the background now.

Again, budget earrings. Turkoman findings, well patinated, with Petra's bobbles

These feature carved bone and two lampwork beads from Judith's shop - I paired them with Tibetan amber rondelles and African beads, with a small pyrite rondelle to finish them off.

Those need some polishing, but again, I made the headpins, and used carved garnet beads, a big chunk of pyrite and some kuchi buttons.

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mardi 18 mars 2014

A quickie....

Not that kind of quickie!  Sheeshhhh!

Just wanted to share a little something that I managed to finish while working on my translations.  I've been swamped lately, and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon... so to feed my cravings I've been creating on the side. Literally, on the side of my desk.  I have a big enough desk, but seeing that:

1) I'm a slob
2) I'm messy
3) It gets worse when I'm in "creation mode"

well... you can imagine the result.  Every morning I've had to make a little room for my mug, my planner, etc etc.  So I take a few things back to the workbench, next door, and come back with a few more.  It's a funny game, really.  Musical chairs kind of thing.  You end up with a pretty funky assortment of tools, pens, calculator, drill, oxydizer, etc etc.  I try not to pour the latter in my coffee cup.

Enough talk.

Look at that BIG FAT THING!!!! 16 bracelets in total. Six-teen.  And yes, it's absolutely possible to wear them all at once.   Anyone interested, it's listed on Etsy here at a very reasonable price, methinks.

I also received my order from JudithBillig, and immediately had to make easy-peasy earrings.

A quick peak:

Needs more light, I know.

And, last but not least, I totally forgot to announce this month's giveaway winner:  miss PETRA herself!

Til Friday/Saturday depending on the workload....   tada!

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samedi 15 mars 2014

Insane in the membrane, and eye/ear candy (of different kinds)

Hi! I've been working away like a crazy woman. Recently I asked miss fanciful to give me a list of her favourite synonyms for crazy. Why? Because I love that word and use it all the time (in French and in English of course). So go for it, give me yours. Her faves included "insane in the membrane", which I quickly adopted. Anyhow! Like I was saying, I've been working a lot, and this afternoon to the sound of

(give me a mop for the drool on the floor).  Isn't that the most beautiful guy on the entire planet?  It is.  I just know it.

That said, it helped me finish lots of things.

Like this little darling, in the Victorian style I come back to from time to time.  I'm in love with those porcelain dollies.
It's a brooch, by the way.

This was a failed experiment which turned out... wonky and cool.  I was trying to make earrings à la Marina, well à la one pair I bought from her, and it turned out the piece of tin I'd cut out was WAY too big. So I thouht, hey, bracelet!  Hello!  And added some of Petra's little beauties, a pyrite drop and some sari ribbon.

Meanwhile, those little angels happened out of nowhere. I oxydized them first, then applied a coat of Iris blue Gilder's paste.  Because it seemed to go so perfectly with the aquamarine beads. 

The above bracelet was made last week when it was still foggy and rainy.  I wanted colour!  So colours I used.   There's handmade ceramic aplenty there, from my friend Kristine @kangooroobijoo, from HappyFallout... there's also a very big and very old Hebron bead, and a huge chunk of coral. So there! (In case you're wondering, it worked, the sun is shining now, and spring is definitely here). The bracelet is listed on Etsy:  clicky clicky

Again, those happened out of the blue (ah ah), I came across those silky cocoons on Etsy (ask me if you want the name of the shop, I'll find out, I can't remember right now).  Again, Petra drops. Oxydized chain, and voilà. Yes, I'll straighten the hooks. 

Thank you thank you thank you Cynthia (beatnheart) for those gorgeous headpins!!!!!  I just piled on the goodies from there.  Tibetan yak bone rondelle, hebron beads, Grubbi rondelles and ceramic rounds. You'll find those here
And last, my fave from this batch - maybe because I soldered the fleur-de-lys stampings to the ear posts myself!  Below are two old horseshow nails, indonesian beads and a little bit of glitz with a rhinestone chain. That's it for today!

Comments welcome as usual. xx
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vendredi 7 mars 2014

New giveaway, new creations

First things first:

This month, I'm giving away one of those new shell-gold rings that people seem to love, so please enter.
You have two weeks!

I have lots of work in progress, and lots of things I meant to finish before this blog post, but life happened and I couldn't.

So I'll show you the stuff that IS finished.

That one was a lot of fun.  You'll find it here

Earrings (no kidding!!)

Turkoman thingies with Petra's ceramic beauties.  I thought it would be fun to use of the fidings inside out.  Does that make sense?  If it doesn't, let me know.   
Re the pair above - the round connector was heavily oxydized, as you can see (it used to be a horribly bright copper) following Marina 's tutorial.  A tutorial which is now available in French!!! TEehhheee!!!! 
It's available here

So after I made those shell rings, I thought, hey, pendants could be cool!

Are they?

I haven't listed them yet, anyone interested, contact me here or on etsy@creationsash.

I will offer several different colours too, for the ribbon.

More earrings!  Handmade posts (yep, I soldered those myself, I mean I soldered posts to those tiny bezels that I filled with apatite nuggets).  My bf and I had a big soldering session last week-end.  Us French people know how to have fun. 

Below, roman glass, very old, and again, Petra-the-magician's drops

Last, a pendant - I'm not sure if I'll leave it as is or if I should add stuff?  What do you think??

 Very very old Venetian lace, a cool crystal dangle, and in the bezel, clear quartz in resin.

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mardi 4 mars 2014


I'm having a sale....  use coupon ASH20 to get 20% off your purchases.  Thanks!
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